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AdRank is a search engine optimisation agency based in Sydney, Australia providing digital marketing solutions for small to medium businesses. As a search engine optimisation agency, the client wanted to have a simple and clean website to list their services and contact details. We have provided the following services:

Web Design & Development

As one of the top quality and affordable web design company in Sydney, we designed and developed a responsive website for the business. Website is built in WordPress Content Management System so that customer can maintain the website by themselves.

Web Hosting & SSL Certificate

EG Solutions organised the Sydney based premium web hosting for the website as part of the VPS. Also, we subscribed and installed the SSL certificate.

Content Writing

As the customer was looking for professional content writing services, we have provided our premium content writing services.

Email Solution

As a Google Partner, we have provided the premium G Suite email solution for the business. All the setup and integration have done on behalf of the client.



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January 2020
Web Design, WordPress, eCommerce, Web Hosting
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