Responsive Web Design

We always recommend responsive web design for our clients. Responsive websites simply respond to the devices they are used to access. This is the most recommended approach as it makes the pages look great on any devices.

Smartphones and tablets are increasing day by day and variation in their sizes are also significant. Researches show that more than 60% of consumers surf the internet and make online shopping using smartphone and tablets. In this scenario, if you do not optimise your website for those devices, then it would be hard to keep it up with your clients.

Why Choose Responsive Website Design

Multiple devices can have only one URL and same content therefore no duplicate content. Less expensive and easier to maintain single website than multiple websites.

Tablets and smartphone are adopted rapidly by users all over the world therefore mobile and tablet friendly websites has become compulsive to reach maximum number of users.

Before, there used to be debate to choose responsive website or not but today there is no debate as most organisations choose responsive websites without any hesitation. This is so because of the target customers are using mobile and tablets.

Responsive Web Design in Sydney
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