How to add products in Woocommerce website?

Woocommerce is one of the leading eCommerce WordPress plugins. The main reason is that it is very easy to run a successful online store with Woocoomerce.  Also, this plugin is lightweight, rich in features and open source. When using Woocommerce, you should have knowledge of product types, categories, product tags, attributes, product pricing, sales, simple and variable products etc.

Adding Products

This is the first step in Woocomerce when you are maintaining your website. Products can be added, modified and deleted at any time and can update the pricing.

To add the product, first login in your WordPress website using admin details and clik on the Products -> Add New on the left side menu.

Woocommerce Add New Products

Add Product Title and Details

When you click the Add New link from the Product section in the WordPress dashboard, you would be able to view the new page. From that page, you can add the product name, product description, choose the product category, add the product image and gallery images and there are various options to add product pricing details.

Add Product Title and Description

Add Product Pricing

There are various opitons to choose product types, product pricing, sale options etc. Product types are Simple Product, Grouped Product, External/Affiliate Product, Variable Product.

When you choose the simple product with normal pricing, then you can choose Regular price and Sale price.

Add Product Pricing

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