Widen Consultancy

We have redesigned and developed the main business website for one of the premium education and migration consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. As the client already had the website but was not performing well and contents were duplicated on several places, there were no related imagery on several pages and had issues with web hosting and search engine optimisation. As a full-service digital company, we took all the responsibility on the client's behalf and delivered a professional, attractive and robust website to the client.


Widen Consultancy provides free RPL assessment for several courses and helps to get qualified and the requirement was to have a proper course section in the admin so that all of them can be managed easily. We have provided the customised solution to the client's requirements.


Widen Consultancy Course Page


Web Hosting

As the company is located in Sydney, Australia and the target market is also Australia, we have organised Sydney based VPS hosting which is fast, secure and reliable. The load time of the website improved drastically as we moved from cheap overseas shared hosting into local Virtual Private Server.


SSL Certification Installation

If your website does not have an SSL certificate, it appears as Not Secure on the google chrome browser and it may mislead to the customer so we have installed SSL certification on their behalf.


SSL Installation Service


Search Engine Optimisation

In the existing website, there was no work done in terms of Search Engine Optimisation. We have provided our basic search engine optimisation package to the client.

Widen Consultancy
October 05, 2018
Web Design, WordPress, SEO, Web Hosting
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